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Daydream Nation trailer

KatDennings.jpgI'm not sure if the trailer for Daydream Nation is managing to pull off what it really wanted to, it does present the story but it seems to fly by just a little too fast and feeling a little too choppy with some dodgy titles. Still, it does look like it could be a good story.

It tells the story of...actually I'm not entirely sure, the blurb is pretty skimpy and what the trailer suggests is a woman has a relationship with her tutor who seems to go a bit barmy while she moves on to have a relationship with someone else.

I'm sure someone more in the know about the film can correct me, but that's what it looks like to me from just viewing the trailer. Here's the official blurb for Daydream Nation which seems to be rather short:

...provocative yet humorous romance about a rural community shaken by the arrival of an acerbic teenage girl.

Have a look at the trailer below and see if it gives you anything more.

Michael Goldbach wrote and directed the film which stars Kat Dennings as the girl and Josh Lucas as the tutor, and Reece Thompson as what looks like the third prong in this strange love triangle. Andie MacDowell also stars.

What do you think? Do you know more about the film?



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