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Down Terrace British crime comedy trailer

DownTerrace.jpgDown Terrace has quite a few descriptions attached to it, but one of them stands out, a British Sopranos. Now I think that might be going a little far since this is a comedy, but at the same time it does look interesting.

Ben Wheatley has co-written and directed the film which sees two members of the family get out of prison and start to track down who turned them into the police, while at the same time the small crime family begins to fall apart.

The trailer looks okay, although you can clearly see this isn't a Sopranos type film, this is a lower budget British crime comedy, and last year it won the Jury Prize at the Raindance Film Festival as well as the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards and the Best Film Next Wave Award at the Austin Film Festival, and that's not bad going.

There's a UK trailer for the film right here, and it's due to get a release in America on the 13th of August. Thanks to Twitch for the trailer for Down Terrace:



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