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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night trailer online

DylanDogDeadofNight.jpgA trailer has arrived online for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and you know what, it's looking rather good fun.

Having seen Brandon Routh in Chuck I have to say he did really well, and it looks like from this trailer he's going to carry off the lead as Dylan Dog well. Then there's the fact that we see some creature effects and they aren't hidden in darkness, fast cuts or close frames, we see wide shots of the creatures in action, and the effects look good.

Not just all that, but Dylan Dog: Dead of Night carries a sense of humour that I think is going to translate really well to film.

"So what's the plan?"
"No plan...just bigger guns"

Not quite the "we're gonna need a bigger boat", but it works, and it's funny. What the trailer does more than anything is build it up, the action's rousing, and it looks like we could have one of those cool action heroes about to appear on screen.

The film tells the story of Dylan Dog, originally from the Italian comic book series by Tiziano Sclavi, a supernatural detective who patrols a world where the monsters of myth live among humans in day to day society, almost entirely hidden from everyday sight. Dog goes after the monsters who have stepped out of line and brings them to order, and now he's facing his biggest task yet.

A group of vampires are going to use an ancient artefact to raise a great demon, and well you know how that plot line usually goes, but the trailer takes it away from the standard stuff and really gets you into it. I think it's the wit more than anything.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is directed by Kevin Munroe, the director of TMNT and Gatchaman, and also stars Peter Stormare, Sam Huntington, Taye Diggs, Anita Briem...oh, I was just checking the cast list there and realised that Huntington starred as Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) with Brandon Routh, who here plays Dylan Dog himself.

The trailer appears from Vlicious through First Showing, and it's right here:



This movie looks like fun. I like that it doesn't seem to rely on CGI at all, at least from the scenes in the trailer.


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