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Evil - In the Time of Heroes teaser and trailer

EvilintheTimeofHeroes.jpgYes, you aren't confused, first of all that is Billy Zane, those are blood soaked Spartan warriors, and there are blood soaked people standing in the middle of a football stadium with zombies streaming down through the stands after them.

The film tells the story of an ancient evil that has come back to life in Greece, and the same warriors who fought it last time it appeared gather together to fight it once more. However this time they're very different people.

I saw the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, and I've realised that I've not posted it online yet, something I need to remedy quickly. Basically my thoughts on the film were that it was well filmed, great effects, some really cool moments especially in the title sequences, and although it featured a storyline that leapt about a little bit, as you can see from the start of the trailer, it kept you on your toes and engaged with the film. Some of the characters are fun to follow and although some rather large sections of the film are unexplained and cause some confusion, it does entertain, such as the whole Billy Zane plot line.

I've no doubt festival audiences and horror fans are going to lap this one up, and as you can see the style is fresh and the comedy is there too.

Before I show you the teaser and the trailer, do beware, both have blood, gore and Billy Zane in them. However, joking aside, Zane is actually great fun in them and it's a totally left field appearance, I do kind of wish he wasn't credited so it was a big surprise of the film, but then it helps the marketing no end.

Here's the teaser for Evil - In the Time of Heroes:

Here's the trailer:



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