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Footloose steps forward

Footloose.jpgThere's more cast being added to the Footloose musical remake, now under the directorial wings of Craig Brewer, and it's another decent name. I'm starting to wonder just how much effort is being pumped into this remake. Before I thought it might be a cheap cash in, but maybe they really are wanting to create a new musical hit?

While Dennis Quaid is playing the preacher father of the main character, Andie MacDowell has just joined to take up the role of his wife and obviously the lead character's mother.

I've got to believe that this has something more than a straight dance film or musical, after all Craig Brewer came into the fold, replacing Kenny Ortega, and his background is Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan.

Also signed up are Kenny Wormald in the leading role of Ren and Julianne Hough as the girl he pursues, Ariel Moore.

The original Footloose in 1984 saw Ren being played by Kevin Bacon, Ariel played by Lori Singer, Reverend Shaw Moore, Ren's father, played by John Lithgow, and his mother played by Dianne Wiest. There were a few surprising names in the supporting cast too including Chris Penn and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The latest casting news of Andie MacDowell comes from Entertainment Weekly through Empire. What, she's 52! Wow, she looks fantastic.

I saw the film recently and while there's tons of cheese and now some well-worn clichés in there, it's still a lot of fun, brings back great memories, and has you singing along, albeit in your head if you have company!

Could they genuinely remake this film well? I think Brewer has a strong chance, and if the studio are as set on it doing well as they seem, perhaps we'll get treated to something more than a modern musical or dance film, although to be fair the recent musicals from Hollywood have been pretty enjoyable.



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