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Going the Distance International trailer

GoingtheDistance.jpgYou know I'm not a great fan of Hollywood romantic comedies, they are churned out by the dozen with rapid fire one liners usually based around bodily functions and sexual jokes that really aren't funny unless you have the humour glands of a kid on the verge of discovering what sex is all about.

However, I saw Going the Distance the other day and I was really surprised. None of that fits this film, although there are sexual jokes, the humour, writing, situations and characters are all rather grown up, and it's funny, touching, and damn entertaining. I loved it.

So I'm going out of my way to write up this trailer because I think it needs to be noticed some more and not written off as one of the many production line romantic comedies we see out there.

I think the first big sign is that it stars Drew Barrymore, now she's onto bigger and better things these days, Whip It (Filmstalker review) has seen to that, so why would she churn out one of these films? Well she doesn't and the writer Geoff LaTulippe and director Nanette Burstein do a great job to provide Barrymore and Justin Long with some superb material and shots so that their strong chemistry can work on screen. Oh, and Christina Applegate is superb too.

Here's the trailer for the film which sees two people enter into a six week, no strings relationship at which point one of them is flying to the other side of the country to stay. However they fall for each other and decide to try out the long distance relationship.

Seriously, it's witty, funny, poignant, and it made a British Sunday morning audience laugh out loud almost all together, a number of times. Now that's something you don't always see.

Here's the trailer for Going the Distance:



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