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I Spit On Your Grave remake full trailer

ISpitOnYourGrave2010.jpgThe new, full theatrical trailer for I Spit on Your Grave has arrived online, and I'm not seeing anything better than the first to be honest.

With the first I was really concerned it was going to turn into a Hostel (Filmstalker review) type film focussing just on the woman torturing and killing men, and it seems that's the way the trailer wants to play it.

Saying that I can't actually remember the finer points of the original Day of the Woman or I Spit On Your Grave, so I do hope that someone has seen it recently and can talk about it with some more authority, whatever the original I was hoping for a little more from the trailer than straight cut scenes of the woman torturing and killing each of them men one after the other.

That's it really. Okay it's stylishly filmed and there's a cleverly written run of titles through the trailer with lot's of "un-" words ending in the shocking "unrated" being plastered across the screen, but really that's it.

What's it telling us about the story? The story that sees a woman cornered, attacked, brutally gang raped and left for dead who recovers physically, but not mentally, and heads out seeking her own revenge from each of the men who did this to her. Actually it's more than revenge, she wants to inflict the same terror and pain to them that they did to her.

Now you can see in there that there's the possibility for a moralistic view, some commentary about justice in our society perhaps and how those wronged feel, maybe something to say about the rights and wrongs of revenge type justice and revenge against law, the effects of brutal crimes on people both mentally, etc. There's a lot that could be said.

However the trailer shows us scenes to set-up the basic story and then a cut scene from what looks like each of the torture/revenge/murder scenes with the woman against the attackers. It looks like a trailer for something like the Hostel films, which too had something with a lot more depth and intelligence behind it but left it unexplored.

Is this the direction for the I Spit On Your Grave remake? See the trailer here from Yahoo Movies through Bloody Disgusting:



man, does she remind me of my ex or what ... (i think she still has my balls in a jar somewhere ;)

Haha, good one Jo. I've known a few like that as well...although I didn't get the tying up routine...dammit.


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