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I'm Still Here trailer

ImStillHere.jpgCasey Affleck's film I'm Still Here follows Joaquin Phoenix through the “lost year” of his life, where he dropped out of Hollywood and tried to convince everyone that he was becoming a rap star and dropping his acting. I guess the funny thing, and probably partly what backfired on the film, was that a lot of people either weren't surprised or weren't interested.

So he became uncommunicative in interviews and started a rap career? Sounds like something the intense persona of the actor we know as Phoenix might well do, plenty of other stars similar to him have done such things. Then we heard that it was all a stunt for this film, and there seemed to be equal indifference.

Now there's a trailer for the film called I'm Still Here, subtitled The Lost Year of Joaquin Pheonix, probably to try and help get the message through as to what has been happening with the star, since it didn't really get the publicity at the time that everyone probably hoped it would have.

The trailer leaves me feeling much the same way as the news of his drop-out, although to be fair I do think he's a fantastic actor and should appear in a few more roles than he does, but Hollywood types are Hollywood types, and if they aren't making bad or bizarre career choices, they're doing something bizarre in their private lives, marrying someone they've just met, or doing the sensible thing and keeping out of the media gaze.

I don't know, it all seems a little underwhelming to me. Although saying that there's something in the trailer below that whispers of possibility. Here is the trailer for Casey Affleck's I'm Still Here which you can also see at Yahoo Movies:

Maybe the joke's on us?



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