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Inferno photo shoot featurette

Inferno.jpgWhile Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab again and everyone wonders if she'll break the law once more, end up getting caught, and let off with another embarrassing sentence for what passes as justice, the photo shoot she did prior to heading into prison for her recent offence has been drawn out into a short featurette.

Now I'm not writing this up to talk about her or how you can squeeze a piece of marketing out of nothing, but of the tone of the story and what's being suggested by this video.

Watching it, it appears that the film Inferno is going to be very dark with this scene, the scene that the photo shoot was set-up to portray, showing Linda Susan Boreman, to become Linda Lovelace, being taken to a hotel room by Chuck Traynor and supposedly without her prior knowledge being forced to have sex with a group of men, a kind of breaking in ceremony to her career in pornography.

Her story is a dark and at times terrifying one, and while it has its corroborators it also has those who have stood against it. It's hard to really know the truth and I suspect only examination of the charges that Boreman brought against Traynor would really tell the truth.

However that's not what this film will be, it's the dramatisation of Boreman's book which she wrote after leaving pornography, and as she described it, escaping her life of being beaten, sexually tortured and forced at gunpoint to have sex on film.

I haven't read her book or investigated the court outcomes, but the Wikipedia article on her is a dark read indeed, and it does present quite the balanced view, but however balanced it is it's hard not to believe that at least some of what was claimed went on, and even some of it is enough to create a dark and upsetting film.

This could turn out to be something akin to Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, I'm not suggesting in quality and style, but in tone and the dark and downward spiral of the story. Mind you, at least there's the potential for Inferno to end on a more positive note.

You can see the featurette below. I think the photographs and the music are really well put together and promise quite a bit from the film.



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