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Iron Fist next superhero film?

IronFist.jpgIt seems that Iron Fist is the next superhero to start a film career as it is revealed that the story is being adapted for film under the new Disney ownership of Marvel.

This is actually the second superhero in production for the Disney buyout of Marvel as Doctor Strange has already been put into development with the studio. However is Iron Fist the right kind of superhero to develop for film and should we be getting more of Doctor Strange type characters?

Iron Fist has a rather lengthy back story which you can read over at Wikipedia, but the essence is that Wendell Rand was born in a mythical land but came to America and became a wealthy entrepreneur, married and had a child called Daniel. He travels back to find the mystical land with his wife, son and business partner.

On the journey there a climbing accident means that the business partner has their lives hanging by a rope, he forces Wendell to fall to his death and tries to save the mother and son. They deny him and go on alone.

Reaching the mystical place they are attacked by wolves who kill the mother and the son is rescued by the people of the strange land. There Daniel is taught their ways and martial arts and attains the power of the Iron Fist by defeating a dragon and plunging his fists into it's heart.

He eventually returns home to find the man who killed his father and becomes a superhero in the process.

Deadline Hollywood Daily tells us that the film version will be written by Rich Wilkes who wrote the first xXx film.

Sounds a strong story, but it reeks of Batman to me, the boy inheriting the father's riches, mystical land, training, powers, returns home, seeks vengeance against the man who killed is parents, etc., even the logo on his chest looks like Batman's.

For a general film audience who aren't huge comic fans I wonder just how much attraction Iron Fist will have for them. To a great degree it feels as though this character has already been done and all we're seeing are different costumes and a new power, indeed a great allure of Batman is that he has no power.

I don't know, there seems to be a lot of the lesser known characters in comic books who have some singular power gained in similar ways who could so easily be lined up for a production line like roll-out and would clearly swamp and fatigue the general film audience.

Yet there are characters such as Doctor Strange who stand out from that list for me, they have slightly more depth to them and potential, and their powers aren't just a single thing like magical fists and martial arts. There are much more interesting characters to be had and ones that are much more widely known.

I wonder if Disney and Marvel are going to go start churning out these characters and try and bleed them dry or if they really are going to try and develop characters such as Strange, ones that are more widely known and present more depth and possibilities.



BatmanBegins-esque agreed, but apart from both being rich orphans who become masked adventurers the similarities are superficial, they are very different characters. The mystical land and returning home aspects you mentioned are (as far as I can recall) not part of the original Batman story, they are integral to Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is a martial arts hero with a power, to to turn his fist into 'Iron'.

Batman has no powers and while being a master of unarmed combat also relies on technology.

Apart from the chest emblem the look of the characters couldn't be more different.

Trivia : Interestingly Iron Fist is based on an earlier comic character call Amazing-Man who debuted in 1939 just a few months after Batman did...


You're right, the comic book origins of Batman aren't that mystical land (as far as my comic book knowledge takes me) but that view of Batman is the one that general audiences have now, the Christopher Nolan film origin will be the one in the mainstream consciousness.

I still see tons of similarities between the two characters on film and I just don't think they're focussing on characters who will bring something new and exciting to the superhero genre.

It's probably a close enough bet to Batman for them to see success at the box office.


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