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ITV's Unforgiven film with Jolie?

UnforgivenITV.jpgThe character played by Suranne Jones, best known for her role in Coronation Street, in the three part television series Unforgiven could well be played by Angelina Jolie in the film version, a film that is to be written by Christopher McQuarrie.

This is a huge leap for the story from the screens of ITV to Hollywood, and it wasn't an Edge of Darkness series either, it was well received, but you wouldn't have expected it to be adapted for film. However it is.

Associating the name of Christopher McQuarrie with a project does state a certain level of writing upfront, and with the strength of the plot for Unforgiven you can see that this could turn out to be something very powerful.

The British television mini-series, just a mere three episodes, aired on ITV in 2009 and starred Suranne Jones as a woman just released from prison after serving fifteen years for shooting two policemen who had entered her home. From the beginning the details of the shooting are unclear and we see her released into the world trying to come to terms with all the changes around her and build, not even rebuild, a new life.

It's hard for her, and no one gives her a chance, and while she's coming to terms with her new life the sons of one of her victims set out for revenge. Not revenge in a Hollywood-esque way, but in a very real, angry, embittered way.

The series was written by television writer Sally Wainwright who will now see McQuarrie pick up the idea and write the screenplay for the film, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Apparently the script is being written with Angelina Jolie in mind and while there's no director as yet and Jolie does like to hold back until script completion before committing to projects (wouldn't you?) the story does say that this is being fast tracked.

A powerful film that focuses on a side of criminals that we don't often see, the side of coming out of a prison term and trying to live a real life, if we do see something like this it's actually where the lead character is returning to crime. Could be interesting and a strong role for Jolie. I wonder how Hollywood it will become though?



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