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Jack Falls trailer for British crime noir

JackFalls.jpgI'd never heard of Jack Falls before, and looking through the morning trailers and teasers I just picked on this one to have a quick look. Not only is there a rather cool teaser for the film, but there's also a full trailer, and I'm now interested enough to try and find out where I can get hold of the first two films in the Jack trilogy.

Yes, this is the third in a series of British crime noir films which carries a nice style to it and a good British cast. We may be late to the party, but that's no excuse not to get caught up.

Here's the blurb for Jack Falls that came with the trailer:

Returning to complete the first ever separately made for film release trilogy of British films, comes Jack Falls, the film noir follow up to Jack Said and Jack Says and final installment in Jack's downward journey. Surviving a murder attempt in Amsterdam, former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London to seek revenge and settle some old scores, but he soon finds himself in danger not just from his former criminal associates, but his old police colleagues too. As he battles to stay alive, he must also deal with the guilt from the consequences of his undercover life.

Shot in high contrast black and white with splashes of colour, Jack Falls is reminiscent of Sin City, but with a more gritty, real edge.

Sounds interesting, and I'd say forget the Sin City (Filmstalker review) comparisons and just go with the teaser and trailer, they do look good, and in no small part thanks to the appearance of some very cool names.

Tamer Hassan, I really think this guy's cool and we should see more of him in bigger films, he's a great character and reminds me of Ray Winstone. There's also Alan Ford, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Flemyng, Doug Bradley (yes Pinhead), Simon Phillips as the lead and a list of other faces you'll recognise from smaller British films and television. An interesting cast indeed, and some names we just don't see enough of in film.

Here's a teaser:

Here's the trailer for Jack Falls:

Surely you're interested now? How can I not have caught this before?



is that brick top ?

Well spotted, it is indeed.


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