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Jack Ryan finds a director?

ChrisPine.jpgIt seems that there's a director in final negotiations for the new Jack Ryan film, the reboot of the series with the much younger Chris Pine set to take up the leading role.

The director is mainly a television director, and he would be leading the way for a new Jack Ryan franchise without Tom Clancy and with a possibly long future ahead of it.

The new Jack Ryan film is already being touted as Moscow, a rather ambitious title for the film which would see Ryan as an ex-Marine becoming an analyst for a Russian billionaire who then has to go on the run after being implicated in a terrorist plot which his unwitting analysis work had a hand in, or seems to after the fact.

Chris Pine is set to take up the younger role, which hopefully he'll pull off well and not become overshadowed by his Star Trek (Filmstalker review) franchise performance, but then Harrison Ford was in a rather large science fiction franchise and became Jack Ryan for a few films, although he was a lot older and undoubtedly the best Ryan was Alec Baldwin.

Never the less, Pine is the man, Moscow is the film, and according to N.Y. Magazine Vulture through JoBlo, Jack Bender is the director, or could well be if the final deal is signed.

Jack Bender you ask? Well rather than concentrate on the fact that he directed Child's Play 3, let's look at the extensive television career that he's had directing. I'm not going to pick out the series where he's directed one to three episodes, even though these are big name series, let me just pull out the longer runs he's had.

Eight is Enough, The Paper Chase, Judging Amy, Alias, The Sopranos and Lost.

Okay Sopranos was only four, and in the realm of only a few episodes he's seen Felicity, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Boomtown, and Carnivàle, so overall you can see the strength of the television career there, so I think it's unfair to pick out of his film career Child's Play 3.

If all goes well then he could be directing the reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise, and a big undertaking that would be too. However he has the backing of J.J. Abrams, after all he worked on a lot of his shows, and some of those shows were excellent.

While I'm not entirely sold on the restart of the Jack Ryan series, I can see that there is a lot of unexplored material there, but it all depends on the course that the potential franchise takes, will it go Bourne?



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