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Jolie to write and direct Bosnia film?

AngelinaJolie.jpgThere's some new news about that film set in Bosnia that Angelina Jolie announced she was going to be involved in, some major news for both the film and for Jolie herself.

A new report reveals that she's going to write and direct the film and not star in it. That's quite a move for the actress and signals a new stage in her career.

It's a fair bet to assume that this is tied up with her role as U.N. Goodwill Ambassador as the film is to tell the story of a Bosnian woman who falls in love with a Serbian soldier; they are both caught in the middle of the Bosnian war and will use local actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The original report appeared as Angelina Jolie visited Sarajevo to discuss the plight of over a hundred thousand people displaced by the war as well as scouting locations for the film.

Speaking about the film to The Guardian through Cinematical, she says of the as yet untitled film:

"The film is a love story, not a political statement...I would like to involve as many local people as possible and learn as much as I can."

It's scary to believe that the war ended in 1995 and yet there are still over a hundred thousand people who haven't been able to return to their homes.

This isn't Jolie's first time behind the camera as she directed A Place in Time in 2007, a documentary about moments across the world taken at the same time on 11th January 2005 - doesn't that sound like the project that Ridley Scott is producing and Kevin Macdonald directing, Life in a Day, I think someone better tell them she beat them to it.

I haven't seen the film so I can't comment on how competent she is as a director, but I imagine with all the films she's made she has a damn good idea of what a director needs to do. You tend to find that, seasoned stars who have strong and diverse talents can make the move to directing, and Jolie certainly has that talent.

I think the really hard part for her will be dealing with all the local issues, locations, logistics and actors, and the more challenging side of seeing how her script will come out.

It promises a romantic story, and despite what Jolie says it's undoubtedly going to end up being political, the blurb already has that set-up with the love story being between a Bosnian and a Serbian.



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