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Juan of the Dead trailer online

JuanoftheDead.jpgYes, it's pretty much as you imagine it, a Cuban version of Shaun of the Dead, although this does suggest a few differences.

The two teaser trailers don't show much of the finished film, they give the impression that there's a lot of work yet to do to produce a finished scene, but it's coming next year.

Written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, it stars Alexis Díaz de Villegas and Jorge Molina, but other details are sparse.

Looking around online Variety through HorrorMovies.ca tell us that there's a budget of $2.7 million and they have a little blurb to go along with it:

The films protaganist played by Cuban thesp Alexis Diaz de Villegas, is a 40-year-old slacker named Juan who notices that people are beginning to turn violent. As a zombie epidemic spreads through Havana, he decides to make a quick buck, offering to slay people's infected relatives. But as the zombie plague reaches national proportions Juan has to concentrate on his survival.

It's also described as an outright comedy, there might be a few jokes about the politics early on in the film, but that soon gives way to out and out laughs. Here are the two teasers.

Teaser Trailer




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