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Julia's Eyes English trailer shows too much?

LosojosdeJulia.jpgAn English subtitled version of the trailer for Guillem Morales' Julia's Eyes (Los Ojos de Julia) has arrived online and it helps us understand the story more, or it should do.

However there's a big problem for the thriller. While the Spanish trailer looked so good delivering tension, uncertainty and a great deal of mystery, the English subtitled one seems to show too much and negates the good the Spanish trailer did, and it's not about language.

In fact the English subtitled version of the trailer doesn't give anything more away for the film that we hadn't really gained from the first trailer or anything that could be called a surprise, the reveals that may be deemed too much are all in the visuals and the scenes chosen.

For the English version of the trailer for Guillem Morales' Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes). is a different cut, and not a good one I think.

You can see for yourself below where I have the two trailers back to back and I follow it with four points that I think are revealed in the trailer that should have been left out. Now that list may contain spoilers so you might not want to look at it, however it is based on everything I've seen in the two trailers and my own deductions from them.

See what you think:

Trailer with English Subtitles
Spanish trailer

So why do we need to see the bad guy in it all, and for so much, then see a number of reveals that the Spanish trailer doesn't give:

  • we see the baddie face on for a fair length of time in the trailer
  • we see a heavy suggestion that the carer for Julia is in fact the baddie
  • we see that after Julia's blindness she recovers when she takes her mask off
  • we see that the baddie is involved in a knife fight with lots of blood that most likely involves Julia

For me the biggest thing is that the mystery and possible supernatural element of the baddie, in the original that's kept so well, concentrating on Julia's fear and predicament when she's blind, the English subtitled trailer gives us far too much information and it now feels like a standard bad guy.

I'm not saying that the film is now ruined, but the strength of that original trailer is gone. In fact I'm still really keen to see the film as I suspect it will be a tension filled thriller that really will grab you, but the English trailer doesn't help it.



The "english trailer" you are talking about is an UNAUTHORIZED LEAK from the promotional material used in the sales department, most likely from UK.

I'm involved in the making of the movie and I would appreciate the content to be removed, and any info about the procedence of the "english subtitled trailer".

Thank you.

Hi Prevost.

I'm not hosting the trailer, just linking to it, I suggest you take the issue up with TrailerAddict who, if the trailer is an unauthorised leak, will remove it.

Thank you, Richard. The trailer is now offline. Regards.


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