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La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour) trailer

LaHoraCero.jpgI caught the teaser for The Zero Hour, or La Hora Cero, a little while ago and it looked interesting, especially combined with the blurb that sets the film against the real life medical strike in Caracas in 1996 and the fictional story of a hitman who is forced to hijack a private clinic to save the life of his lover.

You can see from the trailer, despite the non-English audio, that there's going to be action, a hostage film, and a tad of love and politics to boot. It looks rather interesting.

One thing's clear, I can't wait for an English trailer for La Hora Cero (The Zero Hour). However in the meantime here's the trailer we do have through Twitch which looks rather good from the action and the drama perspective.

Here's the trailer through Twitch:



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