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Little Fockers trailer online

RobertDeNiro.jpgIsn't the joke over yet? Apparently not. The utterance of the word “Focker” is apparently still making people who love intelligent, well scripted comedies everywhere laugh their heads off. That and the huge, in your face, one-off slapstick jokes like someone vomiting over everyone or spraying gallons of blood over them.

Hilarious. Wait. I think I wet my pants. Can you hear that? It's not the trickle of wee down my leg, it's the embarrassing laughter from studios from around the world, pointing their finger at films like the Fockers, and other puerile rubbish coming from Hollywood.

The only reason I'm showing you this trailer for Little Fockers is to hear the half-hearted Robert De Niro monologue at the start and as a stark warning, audience members beware.

Here's my advice. Ignore this and go straight to Going the Distance, which is much funnier and way more cleverly written for adults.



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