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Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) new trailer arrives

LosojosdeJulia.jpgThe trailer for Guillem Morales' Julia's Eyes has arrived and is looking, and sounding, superb. I say Morales' film because he's the director and everyone seems to be hooked on saying Guillermo del Toro's or Guillermo del Toro produced. Yes he was one of the three producers, and he does tend to have a more hands on approach than most producers, but it's still Morales' film, especially as he co-wrote it with Oriol Paulo.

Anyway, to the trailer. This new trailer is really good, and although I couldn't understand more than a few words as it's in Spanish and currently doesn't have subtitles, the trailer is still very powerful and conveys the story without any problem.

I saw Guillem Morales's film El habitante incierto (Filmstalker review), which I really enjoyed and looks as though it's had a fair hand in influencing this film, Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes).

The story is clear to see from the trailer. A blind woman is found hanged and the official verdict is that she committed suicide, something her sister just cannot believe or understand. As her suspicions are raised she investigates the events behind her sister's death and soon believes there's something else going on.

Then, mysteriously, she loses her sight and what really happened to her sister begins to be unravelled.

This new trailer comes from Aullidos through Twitch and looks superb, but more than that it's the score and sound effects that really hit through with the trailer. On the strength of El habitante incierto alone I'd be keen to watch this, but with this trailer I think I'm hooked.



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