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Lost writer to deliver Alien prequel or new film

Alien-Head.jpgI think everyone is watching the Alien prequel news with a close eye, expecting a film that just won't make it to the standard of the original Alien and Aliens, but then hoping more than anything that it will.

So the news that Damon Lindelof, one of the men who brought us Lost, is looking to rewrite the Alien prequel script is an interesting proposition, as it suggests that the prequel is going to offer a little extra intrigue. What's more interesting is that Ridley Scott might not want his rewrite idea for Alien, that it sounded good enough for its own film.

What seems to have happened is that Damon Lindelof went in to pitch his idea for an Alien prequel script to the studio and Ridley Scott, however as they banded around ideas and discussed the direction of the story, something amazing happened, something Hollywood doesn't see very often. Creativity.

They came up with an idea that sounded so good that it might just make its own science fiction film, nothing to do with the Alien franchise at all.

The story from Deadline Hollywood Daily tells us that everyone agreed that Lindelof would rewrite the Alien prequel script and when he submitted it Scott and the studio would decide if it would be the next Alien film, a new science fiction film on its own, or I presume back to the writing desk again.

It's exciting that there's the scope for this to turn into a totally different science fiction film and not an Alien film, but at the same time if it gets made into the prequel, it sounds as though it will be a very different Alien film to the ones we've seen already, after all the pitch sounded like a non-Alien franchise story and could become a completely different film.

I think that's good for the Alien prequel though, we don't want it trying to be the same films as we've seen before, that would do them an injustice and probably lead to disappointment, so isn't a new direction a good idea? We'll just have to wait and see which way Lindelof's script goes.



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