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Lucas adds more scenes to Star Wars Blu-ray?

GeorgeLucas.jpgI just wrote about the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars series that George Lucas announced the other day, and the terrible news that they aren't going to include the original versions of the first three films.

Well now there's more news of Lucas changing things. It seems that the Blu-ray release of Return of the Jedi has a never before seen scene where Luke Skywalker completes the building of his own lightsaber while Darth Vader contacts him telepathically trying to persuade him to turn to the dark side.

It's a scene that Mark Hamill didn't film, and so it begs the question when was it made and hasn't Lucas done with changing the series yet?

The deleted scene appeared at Star Wars Celebration V and Mark Hamill was cornered about the scene, a scene he says wasn't filmed with him in it. Which raises the question, were any of the original actors or voices? Perhaps it was made after the film and wasn't actually a deleted scene.

Here's the "deleted scene" from Return of the Jedi:

Here's what Mark Hamill found through Blastr:

What else are we going to find added on the Blu-ray that weren't part of the original film? Is George Lucas still tinkering?

There's something else I don't understand, is if Lucas could include these deleted scenes which are supposedly from the original version, why couldn't he have put the whole film on there? If he's so concerned about the quality why is he dropping this deleted scene on there? More to the point if Hamill doesn't remember this scene does that mean it was filmed at the time with a stand in, or did Lucas recreate it after the fact?

Personally I don't think there's that much of a conspiracy going on and what probably happened is that the scene was filmed with a stand in, didn't make it through the final cut, and is now surfacing here for some extra hype. Still, I wouldn't put it past Lucas to build a new scene after the fact.



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