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MGM choose Outer Limits over Bond?

TheOuterLimits.jpgThe latest decision from the studio MGM sounds rather insane considering that they were given a lifeline by their financiers to complete the two Hobbit films, films that were thought would bring in enough revenue to keep them going.

Well that doesn't see to be what's quite happening. The hobbit films have been languishing in pre-production and they've put a hold on various films such as a remake of RoboCop, and their most lucrative and successful franchise, Bond. I still doubt those decisions, but worse than that MGM have decided to develop something entirely new.

Instead of going ahead with a Bond film or a remake of RoboCop by Darren Aronofsky, or pushing the Hobbit films forward to get made, they have some seemingly bizarre idea to make a film version of The Outer Limits television show.

The Outer Limits is seen as a second to The Twilight Zone, that television series of bizarre and spooky stories from the supernatural to the science fiction, second, but then it is the more modern having originally run from 1963 to 1965 with only two series, and resurrected in 1995 to run for seven series until 2002.

I've watched a series or two of the show and they do have some great stories that are done rather well, but it still isn't as well known or recognised as it should be, and I do wonder if this latest series should be seen as more than the second.

Regardless it looks like the studio are keen to develop this into a film, which would no doubt turn out something like Twilight Zone: The Movie from 1983, and to me that seems madness.

If you've shut down production on a new Bond film and the two films that the financial backers have given you money to make are still sitting in pre-production, then why would you decide to go and make a totally different film?

More than that you decide to turn a television series, which isn't hugely seen or perhaps as widely known, and ignore the biggest names you have available to you on your production slate. Bear in mind even a poor Bond would bring in a lot of money, and a good Bond would surely have been a lot better than sitting in pre-production with the Hobbit films, and miles better than starting to develop another, totally different production while the Hobbit films still continue.

Variety through Empire and The Guardian have the story that tells us that MGM are moving forward with the production and that they've hired Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the writers from the Saw franchise, to come up with an idea and a script.

Brilliant thinking. Just for your information that's me being sarcastic.

Scrap that stupid business idea and pump the money into one of two things, restart the Aronofsky RoboCop remake, force the production of the Hobbit films forward, or best of all make a new Bond film.

Surely any of these options are preferable to trying a brand new production of a television series long past gone?



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