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New Enter the Void trailer safe online

EntertheVoid.jpgGasper Noé's Enter the Void has been getting a lot of praise and a lot of flack since it began to get seen at festivals, it seems to divide opinion well, often a sign of a good film, but then the praise seems to have been coming in much thicker waves than the negatives.

The trailers we've seen so far have been pretty full on and adult rated, until now, indeed this trailer is so friendly it's readily available online in official Quicktime in high definition, and the links and the embedded trailer are right here.

Enter the Void follows a brother and sister who are left alone after their parents are killed in a horrific car crash, after which the brother makes a pact never to leave her and to protect over her no matter what. The brother begins to deal drugs in Japan and when he's made enough money he invites her over where she too becomes involved in drugs and the sex industry. The brother is killed, but he never forgets his promise and returns as a ghost to watch over and protect his sister.

So that's the story, and even that short blurb is pretty mind blowing, but there's so much more in there and this is just the beginning.

The film is told in a fractured storyline, leaping from event to event and often revisiting the same event a few times, and most people who have seen it agree that it's a mind bending experience and not easy going cinema, something I love.

It's already seen a release in France, Japan, Belgium, and some of Switzerland, and it's soon due to hit Germany, Finland, USA and the Netherlands. However no sign of a release elsewhere as yet.

I would recommend looking back to some of the previous trailers which I gathered together here, but I would state very clearly that these are adult only trailers, so if you aren't of legal age or in a public place, don't do it.

Here's the new trailer found through Twitch which is also over at Apple Trailers in high definition.

I think for those of you who know your foreign film you'll know who Gasper Noé is, all I have to say is Irreversible and you'll know what I mean, he wrote and directed that other mind bending and hugely affecting film and with Enter the Void he's co-writing and directing, co-writing alongside Lucile Hadzihalilovic who is Noé's wife and a film-maker in her own right with her debut feature film Innocence.



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