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New The Other Guys trailer online

TheOtherGuys.jpgI wasn't too sold on The Other Guys from the previous trailers, although the set-up of the cool movie cops of Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson against the run of the mill, paper pushing cops was funny, I wasn't convinced the rest of the film would deliver anything more than the average American comedy.

However this new extended trailer actually looks rather good and seems to deliver a lot more in the laughs department.

Of course there's still that puerile sex comedy that is all too boring these days, but there does seem to be a bit more to it than that, and Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell look like they might work well together.

I'm sure plenty of people love this humour regardless, but I do like mine a little more intelligent and not about sex and bodily functions all the time. The Other Guys might just manage a good mix of the two.

Still, I'm in two minds of whether or not to see it, but this is the trailer that's convinced me the most so far. There might just be something in it. Of course most of it is still due to the two movie cops and their treatment of the others.



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