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Nice Guy Johnny trailer

NiceGuyJohnny.jpgNice Guy Johnny is a film from Edward Burns, actor, writer and director, and here he's all three. The plot sounds much better than the start of the trailer, but something happens during the trailer, like the two characters who are clearly falling for each other in some way through the brief time we spend with them, so I did for the trailer.

I don't know quite what it was, the images, style of photography, the interesting characters, the beautiful woman, or the wonderful music playing over it all, whatever it was it really did make me fall for it.

The simplest of trailers is often the best. Nice Guy Johnny stars Matt Bush as Johnny who is about to compromise his whole life and give up on his dream job in order to settle down with his fiancée, however his Uncle, played by Edward Burns, is far from happy with that idea and realises the error of his ways. So he takes him away to the Hamptons for a weekend of education.

That's where Johnny meets Brooke played by the captivating Kerry Bishé, and she helps him see what he's doing with his life and offers him a life changing choice.

The film is billed as a comedy, but the trailer makes it feel like a romantic film, and it looks beautifully shot as the framing and timing of some of these close-ups is nigh on perfect, as is the choice of music.

Watch and fall for it too. Hopefully. Here's the Nice Guy Johnny trailer through Quiet Earth:



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