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Outcast trailer arrives

Outcast.jpgI saw Outcast (Filmstalker review) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year and was excited about seeing it, excited about the first half, and then disappointed come the end, you can read why in the review, and you can see some of the good bits in the trailer below.

Outcast is a film filled with clever ideas and some good performances, and there's a lot of promise in that first half that turns into something a little less than I thought it would be from the clever work in the first half. Still, it's worth watching.

The story for Outcast is that a mother and son arrive in a Glasgow high rise obviously on the run. They keep to themselves, and when people arrive meaning them some form of harm or negative action, they magically cannot find them.

However there are two men who are scouring the country for them, and they can find them using similar magical methods as the mother is using to protect her and her son.

While the son is under orders to stay out of contact with people, he soon makes a few friends, one girl in particular with whom a connection grows. However she doesn't know his dark secret and why he's on the run, but soon, as the two men grow nearer, she'll find out.

I really liked the magical aspects of the film, and I'd say it's well worth seeing the Colm McCarthy directed film for that first half alone, but there's also the cast which includes Kate Dickie, James Nesbitt, Ciarán McMenamin, James Cosmo and one shorter and rather surprising appearance from Karen Gillan, the new Doctor Who assistant.

The trailer can be seen here from Empire through Twitch, and you can read my review right here on Filmstalker.



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