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Red Hill trailer

RedHill.jpgI missed Red Hill at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year and I was rather gutted, it looked and sounded like it could be a damn good film, and the trailer that has just arrived for it compounds that message.

On the one hand I'm rather annoyed it does, because it means I missed a good film, but on the other it's filling me with hope that I'll get to see it and it'll be a cracker of a thriller. Certainly looks that way.

The story sees a young police officer in Australia who has relocated to a small country town, I think it's just after he's experienced a shooting, get caught up in events that mean he'll have to take the law into his own hands in order to survive.

A prison break near the small town has the local police force in a complete panic, a convicted murderer, Jimmy Conway played by Tom E. Lewis, has escaped and it seems as though he is hunting down the police one by one seeking some form of revenge.

The new policeman, Shane Cooper played by Ryan Kwanten, is caught up in the events and it appears that his boss, Old Bill played by Steve Bisley, knows a little more than he's willing to reveal.

The trailer looks great, slick, dark and tension packed, and it looks like it's going to set up an almost traditional western conflict between three men, revealing some secrets and forcing the new guy to take a stand that may cost him his job and perhaps his life.

Here's the trailer from Red Hill:

As well as a previous teaser trailer:

Patrick Hughes wrote and directed the film having previously written two of the three short films he directed and which seem to have been received rather well. Judging from the look of the trailer though, his first feature could well be a cracker.



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