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Resident Evil: Afterlife new trailer

ResidentEvilAfterlife.jpgA new trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife has arrived with the promise of lots of new footage. Well I don't really see lots more in comparison to the previous trailers, and I really did wonder if I was watching the wrong one for a little while.

Of course there are a few shots I didn't see before, but nothing Earth shattering, but it still presents a pretty strong film with plenty flying at the camera to credit the 3D aspect, unashamedly so.

Although I don't think we're really seeing a lot more from the trailer than before, I do think that Resident Evil: Afterlife is looking rather good, and to be perfectly honest I rather enjoy the Resident Evil series. They aren't trying to oversell themselves and they do deliver what they promise, and the effects are usually pretty good.

So I'm rather looking forward to the film, mainly because I know what I'm going for. Here's the trailer through Omlette so you can see what you're in for too.

Oh and did I say that we get treated to Milla Jovovich, the gorgeous Ali Larter and Sienna Guillory? For the ladies there's Wentworth Miller and Boris Kodjoe, not to mention the uber-cool Kim Coates.



must watch for the 3D effects am in awe of this technology


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