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Romero talks Deep Red remake

GeorgeARomero.jpgBack in May we heard some interesting news, Dario Argento's Deep Red was going to be remade with his brother Claudio Argento writing the script for the film that George A. Romero would direct, and without zombies too.

An update came not long after to tell us that there was no deal in place with Dario Argento as yet so it was all up in the air. It wasn't long after that when the project seemed to be struggling and Argento wasn't really interested in getting involved or seeing the film made.

That seems to be the reason why the film died, according to George A. Romero himself. Speaking about the remake of Dario Argento's Deep Red (Profondo rosso) he said:

”I basically dropped out of it...I was approached by Dario’s brother, Claudio Argento, and the last time I worked with those guys they were together and still speaking to each other...

...I found out now that they’re not, and Claudio called me and asked me to do it, and he initially said that Dario was involved, and I said ‘well, I’d really like to talk to him about it.’ And the other numbers I had for Dario were old and no good anymore, and I finally had a friend give me a contact for Dario, and I wrote to him and he said no, he wasn’t involved and he didn’t appreciate the idea that Claudio was doing it so I said, ‘well hey man, then I’m out’.

He was speaking through Bloody Disgusting who have the story, and to be honest this, I'm sure, makes a lot of horror fans happy. Not only because Deep Red is not being remade in 3D, but that Romero has done the right thing and backed out of the project.

Well I say done the right thing, but I still would love to see him tackle a film that's not about zombies. That said, Argento's film remade today with 3D sounded like a series of disasters waiting to happen.

Of course that doesn't mean that the project is dead, sure Romero leading the film is, but I wonder if Claudio Argento has the necessary rights to get the film remade, or that if the brothers start talking again that they might have a go at the film, and I doubt that Dario would be directing his own remake.

Should it still happen? Should it be in 3D? Would an Argento remake work these days?



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