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Sinbad the Fifth Voyage teaser trailer

SinbadTheFifthVoyage.jpgHere's a confusing teaser trailer, it's for a film called Sinbad The Fifth Voyage and voiced by Patrick Stewart no less. Although it's not all that you might think it is, certainly it's not reminding me of any Sinbad voyage.

I'm really not sure what the teaser is suggesting for the film, I am a little confused as to whether it will be entirely voiced by Stewart or not, and as bad as it looks there is one redeeming factor, the monster effects.

There's something about the effects that are both modern and traditional at the same time, it doesn't look all CG and neither does it look like they've just gone with the original style, out of everything in the trailer these few moments are the best bits that really do remind me of Sinbad.

That said, the rest of the trailer for Sinbad the Fifth Voyage is pretty poor, Patrick Stewart's voice-over to the side, I have no idea what way this film is going to go, but considering that the IMDB cast list comprises of Stewart and Shahin Sean Solimon who plays Sinbad, I'm not thinking that this is going to be in the style of the original.

Of course it could just be very early in production and that's why there's not much to see, but then it's apparently due for release this year.



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