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SoulBoy trailer

SoulBoy.jpgI'd never heard of SoulBoy before, and being a British film that looks to be a cut above the rest I thought I might have. However I have heard of The Wigan Casino and Northern Soul. This film follows a group of people brought together through that casino and the music they heard there, and the soundtrack alone is worth getting excited about.

The Wigan Casino was not only voted The Best Disco in the World by Billboard in 1978, beating New York City's Studio 54, but it also featured performers such as Jackie Wilson and Edwin Starr.

The film looks like it might follow similar paths as we see a guy who is bored with his life suddenly experience the up and coming scene of Northern Soul and all-night dancing at The Wigan Casino. Here he finds a passion for the music and dancing, and one for a gorgeous lady who everyone seems to be after.

However in the sidelines it looks like his female friend has had more than just friendship on her mind and is cast aside with her feelings unnoticed while he pursues his dream girl, a pursuit that seems to lead him into a lot of trouble on the way.

Now after reading that from the trailer for SoulBoy, here's the blurb which I haven't yet read, apart from seeing The Wigan Casino line:

Amidst power cuts, strikes and boot-boy aggro on the football terraces, Joe McCain (Martin Compston), is bored of a life that's going nowhere. Enter hair-dresser Jane (Nichola Burley). Blonde, brassy, and moving to the beat of a whole new world of sound, movement and all-nighter dancing at The Wigan Casino - the home of Northern Soul.

Mandy (Felicity Jones), a cute and spunky artist, is eager to help Joe become the cool "soul boy" he wants to be. Mandy falls for Joe and a love triangle develops with Jane and Mandy, and Joe has to decide who he really wants in his life.

You know there's nothing wrong with films that follow a similar path as long as they strike up something of their own, and already in this trailer there's enough difference struck in my mind.

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