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Stallone talks Poe and Rambo

Stallone.jpgSylvester Stallone is already looking forward to his new projects, he's been talking about The Expendables sequel and now he's talking about the possibility of Poe moving forward and who he'd like to play Edgar Allan Poe.

He's also giving a different view on the possibility of another Rambo film, something that he's previously been dead set against, warmed to the idea of directing a prequel with a younger actor, and now turning back again.

You have to give credit to Sylvester Stallone whatever you think of him, he's a talented man for his acting, directing and writing, and sure he's had his down moments, but he's also brought a number of iconic characters to the big screen and some great films, and he's one of the great action stars.

For some time he's been talking about his Edgar Allan Poe biographical film he's been writing, and it's been a long time coming, he not only suggests things are moving forward but he also reveals who he would have in mind for the lead. He also talks about the building hype on the project, and he takes a very healthy attitude towards it.

"I will direct it, but it's never gonna live up to the hype...No matter what I do it's going to bomb, totally. Totally! When you've been talking about something for 30 years, it's impossible [to live up to those expectations]."

Now MTV does say that he's joking on that last part, but there's something to it, if he doesn't hit the tone of the film just right then he is liable to hit the rocks with the film. Expectation and hype has been high, but the one thing going for him is that not many people expect it from him, for most Stallone is the action hero, he is Rambo and Rocky, and that's going to help lower expectation despite the hype.

While Stallone was talking about starring a long time back, that hasn't been the case for some time, and now he reveals who he had in mind for the part when he was putting it together, Robert Downey Jr.. Now that would be a cracking actor for the role.

"It has be like Downey, I designed it for Downey...Perhaps I could re-work the script. [Maybe] Johnny Depp. It needs a very special actor like that."

There's no word on any movement on the film, although Stallone hopes that something is going to be happening in the future, but still there's no firm word.

Speaking about Rambo he repeats the idea that the character has done his time.

"I just don't know. You've seen everything and I would be repeating myself...If the action takes place in America or Mexico, that means by the end of the film Rambo's on the run. And I think he's been running enough, for 30 years, he's gotta stop running. So I thought maybe this is best laid to rest."

That sounds pretty final to me. What I think he's saying is no more John Rambo as we know him, not with Sylvester Stallone playing him anyway. When people started talking about the idea of a prequel to Rambo with another actor, well as a director he would surely consider taking up that mantle, after all it wouldn't feel like his John Rambo would it?



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