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Star Wars Uncut completed and online

StarWarsUncut.jpgI had thought that the Star Wars Uncut project would have been ongoing for ages yet, the sheer scope of the project seemed almost unreachable – filming an entire Star Wars film from home-made thirty second scenes of the film, edited together to make one big film.

However the great news is it's complete, and while you can watch it online (it is slightly jerky as it leaps from scene to scene) the people behind the project are trying to obtain the rights to edit it all together and allow it to be scene in one complete film.

The concept was brilliant, split the film into thirty second scenes, ask people from all over the world to submit their versions of these scenes in whatever style or format they like, and get everyone else to vote on them, the winning scene makes it through to the final film.

What we've ended up with is a mish-mash of various styles that ranges from stupid to ingenious, from creepy to hilarious, there were a couple of moments I was laughing my head off and I only got to the droids being sold to the Skywalkers.

There are some ingenious sequences though that really made me want to see more of them, and some that are just mind-blowingly good. The opening titles alone are inspired.

So we just have to hope that they'll get all the necessary permissions to put the entire film together, in the meantime though you can watch the entire Star Wars Uncut online, found through the L.A. Times – don't take any note of the time bar on the video, it just resets for every thirty second scene but the film keeps going. I...must...stop...watching....

Some great news though is that they're not going to stop with Star Wars and there are other films on the horizon, what would you like to see Uncut and home-made?



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