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Statham confirmed for The Mechanic remake

JasonStatham.jpgWay back in April 2009 the story appeared that Jason Statham was set to play the role that Charles Bronson once played in the remake of The Mechanic, and today it seems that the story is confirmed.

To add to it there's also word of who will be playing his character's apprentice. You see Statham will be playing a highly trained hitman who is looking to retire and is training a younger apprentice to take over his job when it becomes clear that someone else wants them both dead.

The story back in 2009 was a rumour, but it appeared to be a strong one. Then it was just Jason Statham who was attached to the film with another rumour that Simon West was in talks to direct the film.

However nothing more came of the story and we've been waiting for some time to hear more, and now the news has finally come it seems that the film is going ahead.

The Mechanic starred Charles Bronson as the titular Mechanic, the assassin looking to retire and the role that Statham is to take over, and his younger assistant was played by Jan-Michael Vincent in the Michael Winner film.

So the assassin trains the younger assistant, then there seems to be plans to try and kill them, and there's a twist in the tale about who people appear to be, but I shan't be so blatant as MTV were to post what seems like it could be a big twist in the film.

It seems that a press release from CBS Films revealed that they'd just picked up The Mechanic, the remake, and Jason Statham was still set to play the Bronson role and the Vincent role is to be played by Ben Foster.

A good combination, but who's buying that Statham would be retiring as a hitman? He's still a bit young isn't he? Saying that though, Foster will make a good apprentice, but will West be directing? According to the IMDB listing for The Mechanic he is, and that Donald Sutherland is set to co-star. It does sound interesting, I hope that the film is going ahead with this incarnation, don't you?



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