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Sweeney still on with Winstone

TheSweeney.jpgI had wondered where the film adaptation of the ground breaking seventies BBC police series The Sweeney had gone to, and part of me had hoped that it had changed hands to another writer/director, however news today reveals that it hasn't but that the film is still on the go.

What's more is that the film is still to star Ray Winstone, and the cracking news there is that he is set to play the lead of Jack Regan, and not as we had previously been hearing the supporting role of George Carter.

Why is that good news? Well in The Sweeney television series Jack Regan, played by John Thaw, was the more mature policeman in the team, the lead character and the lead actor, he was the hard man who took the hardest stance, whereas his partner George Carter, played by Dennis Waterman, was the younger, more pragmatic and forgiving character, although even then he was still as hard as nails. I remember one specific scene in the series where Regan was slapping a woman trying to get information out of her, and for the time that was damn tough.

The series followed these two policemen who were part of London's Flying Squad, a section of the force assigned to violent crimes and burglaries. The series was pretty ground breaking because, for the time, it was very violent and presented a very different view of the police that we'd seen to date.

The Sweeney production was halted in August of 2008 after the initial announcement way back in September of 2006, and after the production halt nothing was heard.

In The Hollywood Reporter we hear that Nick Love is moving forward with the film again after the production company behind the original attempt dropped the rights which have now been picked up by Vertigo Films.

Love is apparently writing a new draft of the script and the focus is to be a gritty, slick, British “cops and robbers” film.

They still say that the excellent Ray Winstone is still attached to the film, which is great news, but since we heard he was cast the news was that he was playing Carter, not the lead Regan, which was complete miscasting and I hope misquoting. Now the story says that he's playing Jack Regan, the lead, and the hardest of the pairing.

Now we have to hope for a good, strong film that makes it internationally to give Winstone another superb leading role. Man I love that actor.



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