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Tarantino directing The Shadow? No?

TheShadow.jpgIt depends what site you're reading as to whether there's a question mark at the end of the above title or not, for some Quentin Tarantino is directing a remake of The Shadow, or rather a new version from the original idea, for others it's an uncertainty, for me I like to remember all the projects that Tarantino himself has talked about and we've never seen come to fruition, and here t his hasn't even come from Tarantino but one of those inside sources.

You'll remember that we've seen The Shadow once already on the big screen in 1994 with Alec Badlwin in the lead. While most thought it was a lousy film, I actually enjoyed it and Baldwin was good in the role, of course there was plenty of room for improvement, but it wasn't all bad.

Actually I have to correct myself, the 1994 version of The Shadow wasn't the only film version we saw of the character, there was a 1940 The Shadow film released as well. Now we're waiting patiently for the rumoured Sam Raimi version of The Shadow, a rumour that kicked off at the start of the year after the script from Siavash Farahani was read online.

That rumour came from an inside source but Raimi has talked about it and is keen to see the character return to film. However Pajiba, who have the inside source claiming Quentin Tarantino is set to direct and co-write the new film, say that Raimi was off the project ages ago and that David Slade was set to direct, something that was also unconfirmed rumour from an inside source.

Okay, I think you're getting the picture already, there are many, many inside sources giving different rumours and nothing really confirmed. We don't know what's going on, if anything.

Even if the rumour of Tarantino is right then there's still a long way to go to it actually coming true, Tarantino is forever saying that he's going to do a project and then it never happens, or stringing fans along for a very long time.

Still I don't really believe Tarantino would be taking on The Shadow, do you? I can't see Raimi wanting to see Tarantino's version of The Shadow because I don't see it looking like the original character at all.

Well MTV were quick to come back on the story with a quote from Tarantino's spokesperson:

"There is no truth to this story."

So it's not a true story, typical inside source stuff, but then we've heard that before too, so who's to say what's right? At the same time the question remains, what's happening with the remake? Is Sam Raimi going to just give it all up? Will he direct it himself? Who could make the film?

As a recap, The Shadow is the story of a man who has a criminal background, a dark and dangerous character who has turned to fighting crime using his skills from his past. This was the original character from back in the thirties as he was adapted by Walter B. Gibson from the radio character that was used to announce the Detective Story Hour.

From there the character evolved, mainly when he returned to the radio in the late thirties, and the magical side entered into the story. He had learned various skills when he had travelled through Asia, the ability to become invisible and to cloud men's minds, as well as heightened physical abilities.

His character, according to Wikipedia, wore a "slouch hat and a crimson-lined cloak with an upturned collar" and he was famed for his twin Colt '45's. He fought characters with either his guns or his bare hands, remember there were no cool tools back then, apart from his ability to get into other people's minds and influence them, and mainly to make them see him as a shadow.

So could and who should make The Shadow? I still believe Sam Raimi is prime candidate.



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