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The Authority film adaptation?

TheAuthority.jpgI can't remember how I came to The Authority, I think it was via a recommendation following the reading of The Losers and when I saw that Warren Ellis was the man behind the story, I bought it.

Now there's a little hint that perhaps a film version is in development, but that that Ellis himself isn't involved.

The Authority was a comic book series that created a group of superheroes, or post-humans as Warren Ellis likes to call them, that are pulled together by one of them to oversee Earth and protect it from itself and from outside threats. During the stories The Authority, this band of superheroes and self-made protectors of Earth soon look to be a little more than protectors and there are a few questions raised about how close they are becoming to being dictators.

Many comments about the work say that it isn't his strongest, however saying that about an Ellis work doesn't mean it's a bad story, after all his best can be really good. Other comments say that it relies a lot more on the artwork and the action, and this is perhaps why it's very well suited to a film as there's more of a bent towards the visuals.

There's a lot in there that could make it into a strong film, but it's far from being made. The comments of a production happening are rather off-hand and appear in Dean Haspiel's blog about him being at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards where he won Outstanding Title Design, and in it he mentioned a comment that Stana Katic, the actress from Castle and The Spirit, mentioned to him:

The Governor's Ball was a starry night. Hollywood throws a party. 'Nuff said. I met and spoke to the lovely Stana Katic, star of TV show, CASTLE, and told her how much I loved her in Frank Miller's SPIRIT movie [she was my favorite part of the movie]. I have a very short list of who I would cast to play my very own Jane Legit character [Billy Dogma's better half] and Stana is on that list. Stana told me she was in the midst of creating a new comic book and was in talks to act in a movie version of Warren Ellis' THE AUTHORITY

Interestingly Warren Ellis doesn't have anything to do with a film version, in fact when he picks up on the comment, which SuperheroHype highlighted along with the Haspiel comment, he says:

”I don’t own THE AUTHORITY, and DC are certainly not compelled to tell me about anything regarding the book...What an odd thing.”

Shame that we don't know anything more about the film version for it could really turn out to be good, and yet there's such a long road from production to final film that we might be waiting years, or what we finally get turns out to be nothing like the comics.



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