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The Last Exorcism new trailer

TheLastExorcism.jpgA new trailer for The Last Exorcism has appeared online and it looks okay, it looks like it might scare us, but to be honest most of the footage is a girl who hasn't washed her hair in her nightie looking wide eyed and the odd promising moment. I don't really think it's an effective trailer.

For me the best exorcism film, next to the obvious of course, was The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and nothing has come close to it. The Last Exorcism might well try.

You can see what they're doing with the film and the whole hand held camera footage, setting up that it will the the experienced reverend's last exorcism from the outset, and showing that the girl is obviously possessed, but there are times when the marketing is showing too much and losing some strength. Plus some of the effects just don't feel shocking any more.

The poster and the running across the ceiling shot in the trailer are just showing a little too much. I like in the trailer where you hear the men saying “oh my god. That isn't human” and a quick shot of the contorted body of the girl, that's making you wonder what you just saw and getting you spooked to see the whole thing in the cinema. However if you see the poster you get to see her all contorted already, so that build up is revealed already and loses the power it could have had.

The running across the ceiling shot is completely revealed and seeing it in a longer take isn't going to be any more surprising than seeing t there, plus it's something we've seen in many films that show possession, it's now become a bit of a staple diet for such films.

No, I don't get this trailer for The Last Exorcism and it doesn't manage to spook or scare me. I'm hoping the film will though. See for yourself.



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