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The Last Seven trailer

TheLastSeven.jpgI'm intrigued by the trailer for The Last Seven, and almost wished that it had stopped after the first reveal where the man we see is in the phone box, confused, and we're hit with that strong reveal of what his character is realising.

All in all though it looks a strong trailer and it does star Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Ronan Vibert, and a number of cast members from the Jack trilogy of films - Jack Says, Jack Said and Jack Falls - oh and there's Danny Dyer tagged on there too.

The Last Seven tells the story of a man who wakes up and realises he's all alone. There's no one else around him, and when he stands up and gets himself together he also realises that he doesn't remember a thing about who he is.

It appears from the trailer that he does meet up with seven other people who may well be in the same predicament as he is, and everyone among them is uncertain and suspicious of everyone else.

Add in the fact that they may be getting picked off one by one and you're going to get an interesting and strong thriller in there. Here's the trailer from UK Film Trailer for The Last Seven so you can get in on the story. Oh, and sorry for the autoplay:

The film is directed by first time director Imran Naqvi from a script by first time writer John Stanley, so there's a lot of uncertainty off screen as well, but the trailer does look interesting. It's due for a UK release tomorrow, probably in selected cinemas, and a DVD release the day after.



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