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The Next Three Days trailer

ElizabethBanks.jpgPaul Haggis has adapted and directed The Next Three Days from the 2008 film Pour Elle (Anything For Her), a film that seems far too young to be remade in Hollywood, but has been.

More than just remade, it's Paul Haggis, so that suggests it's going to have a lot more going for it than Hollywood gloss and action and could be concentrating a little more on characters and drama, and talking of characters it stars Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, and Brian Dennehy.

The original, Pour elle, had Guillaume Lemans coming up with the story which Fred Cavayé wrote the screenplay from and directed, and it starred the now widely known Diane Kruger.

Both films tell the story of an ordinary, everyday family, husband, wife and son, who one day have their lives shattered when police break into the house and arrest the wife for murder.

Their perfect world is shattered and it's not long before the horrible realisation sets in that she's not going to get out of jail anytime soon.

So the husband, a normal, everyday bloke, begins the unexpected, planning a way to break her out of prison and get the family back together at any cost.

Here's the trailer for The Next Three Days. No, that's the name of the film, the trailer's here for some time and can also be found over at Yahoo Movies downloadable in Quicktime high definition:

I rather like the look of the film, and Paul Haggis is a great writer and a strong director, and he's pulled together a good cast for the film with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks as the leads. We could be in for an exciting thriller. Mind you, the whole idea has given me the desire to get hold of the original.



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