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Unstoppable trailer online

Unstoppable.jpgThe first trailer for the Tony Scott directed action film Unstoppable has appeared online, and it's certainly a trailer and a half, or rather two half trailers. Oh I'll explain in a moment.

Action packed it certainly is though, and that's down to Scott, Mark Bomback's writing, and the expected performance of Denzel Washington as the struggling man turned hero, something we've seen a few times from him and the second time to do with trains.

Unstoppable sees a massive freight train loaded with chemicals ranging from combustible liquids to poisonous gas, unmanned, and without air brakes, racing towards a large city with the potential to cause devastation.

Two engineers have an idea to save the city and stop the train, but it's a nigh on mad scheme in involving chasing down the main train with a second train and trying to ram on the brakes and get it under control before it hits a curve in the track, overturns, explodes and decimates the city.

It sounds an exciting film already and the line-up of Tony Scott directing Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson sounds good, but the trailer didn't start off well for me.

Throughout there's the tick box feeling, although I can't deny it's exciting and gets the blood racing, but for the first half I wondered when we were going to see the group of nuns leading the blind orphans across the tracks and put in harms way. Honestly I was laughing when I saw the kids on the train, the cars on the track, the lone girl crossing, the horse rearing right in the middle. I was looking for a limping Lassie, The Littlest Hobo dragging her along, and Flipper flipping about.

However, the second half does look damned exciting, and the brief glimpses of action suggest that there's going to be plenty of it.



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