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Von Trier talks science fiction disaster film Melancholia

LarsvonTrier.jpgLars von Trier's next film seems to be well under way and the prospect of a science fiction disaster film called Melancholia from him is one that has eyebrows raised. It doesn't sound like the kind of film he would normally tackle, but then do any of his films bring the word "normal" to the fore?

Now we hear a little more about the film, and along with the casting, I feel as in the dark as when we just knew the title.

There's still plenty being kept under wraps about Melancholia but a little more has come out as he tries to describe the film and some press materials appear online along with some rather strange comments from the stars.

The Playlist has some of the details of the film and from the European press conference for the film where it was described as:

"...a psychological disaster movie [and] a beautiful film about the end of the world..."

Lars von Trier himself described it as:

"...a story about two sisters and a plane..."

Which helps to confuse me even more than I was. We already knew that it was about a planet called Melancholia that is heading closer and closer to Earth, well now there's a little more hinted at.

Kirsten Dunst will be playing the sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg's character, and Dunst's character is getting married to Alexander Skarsgård's character whose father is played by Stellan Skarsgård, yes his real life Dad. The father of the characters played by Dunst and Gainsbourg will be played by the superb John Hurt.

Keifer Sutherland also revealed a little more saying that his character...

"...represents what is right, while Kirsten Dunst represents what is left. There is an important balance in the film."

There's little else in the way of information on the film, and it still leaves us rather confused, but it'll be interesting to see what direction the story takes when these two planets come closer to each other on film and how the actors cope with the no rehersal policy von Trier seems to have employed.



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