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13 Tzameti remake trailer online

13.jpgThe first trailer for the remake of 13 Tzameti from writer and director Géla Babluani has arrived. It's called simply 13 and has been remade by the original director for Hollywood featuring a big name cast and a Hollywood style, certainly to the trailer.

Ray Winstone, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, Sam Riley, 50 Cent, David Zayas, Ben Gazzara, to name but a few. Now that's a strong cast, but will the film hold up to the original?

13 Tzameti tells the story of a man who comes across instructions intended for another man. He decides to follow them without knowing where they will take him. Unfortunately when he reaches the place where the instructions take him he discovers a terrifying world based around a deadly underground game. He's not alone though, he's been tailed by a cop, a cop who is struggling with his own problems.

It won European Discovery of the Year at the European Film Awards, Best Original Soundtrack at Sitges, the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, the Silver Prometheus at Tbilisi, Best Cinematography and FIPRESCI Prize at Transilvania, and the Luigi De Laurentiis and Netpac awards at Venice.

Despite all that it seems that Géla Babluani wanted to remake his own successfully received film for the Hollywood market. I don't necessarily understand it unless he thought he could make a better film with a bigger budget and a bunch of stars.

Certainly the trailer below for 13 found through /Film and Quiet Earth doesn't really give the impression of something better. Compared with the original underneath it's clear that one caters for a European market and the other is all about Hollywood, one all about the tension of the story and the other about the stars, the bright and bold aspect of it.

See for yourself with the Russian trailer, I know, I should have told you earlier, especially since it has no subtitles, never mind the English one will be out soon.

Here's the trailer for the original trailer:



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