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A sixth DeLorean film in development?

JohnDeLorean.jpgWe're all losing count with the number of films about John DeLorean and his work that are on the go at the moment, and news comes through that there's another one to add to the pile.

As with a number of other projects about the man a family member is involved with this new film. It DeLorean's last wife, his younger brother, his former assistant, the DeLorean estate and the film has consulting agreements with several lawyers who represented the man and his company.

John DeLorean, the famous car designer and manufacturer who was implicated in drug deals and escaped conviction by successfully defending himself and proving entrapment, is perhaps most known for the production of the car that travels through time in the Back to the Future films, the real one, not the ones in the films. He worked for GM's Pontiac division and was responsible for a great many achievements including bringing the Pontiac GTO to life, widely regarded as the first American muscle car, as well as creating the Pontiac Firebird, the car I first fell in love with.

I've previously written about the other projects on the go about DeLorean, here they all are:

1. Producer David Permut is developing a film.
2. Brett Ratner's company is developing an untitled film with a screenplay from James Toback.
3. XYZ Films, Time Inc. Studios and producer Tamir Ardon are developing a film from a script by Rob Warr and Alex Holmes which Holmes is set to direct, possibly called Grand Delusions. This version has the cooperation of DeLorean's son, Zachary DeLorean, the executor of the estate.
4. Jordan Livingston is developing a film called Back to the DeLorean which Kathryn DeLorean has contributed to, although to be fair this film is about the car more than the man.
5. Thomas Fenton was working on a film about the man with the help of Kathryn DeLorean.

Speaking about that fifth film she said:

"Other producers have asked me to back their projects on behalf of the DeLorean estate...We felt this was the team to tell the right story the right way. This is the definitive John DeLorean movie. We wanted to ensure my father's story was handled properly; the headlines do not begin to tell the tale."

I'm not so sure now, looking at this film it seems to be the most definitive in terms of collaboration from people actually involved in DeLorean's life.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Adam Mazer is writing the story that Steve Lee Jones is producing, and they and other producers are responsible for a number of other real life films such as You Don't Know Jack, the story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Rube, a story about the beginnings of the porn business, Contingency, about the lawyers in the seventies and eighties who were the first to advertise, and more. So there's a lot of desire for these types of films.

Jones says of the new DeLorean film:

“This is an epic tale that has every element of a major studio film...[DeLorean] traveled the world, dated starlets, held 78 patents and of course was involved in huge legal battles. It is a big story.”

This has to be the most obvious case of Hollywood leaping on a bandwagon, I mean it's easy to speak about studios leaping onto genres like video games, but there's a lot in an area like that, but six films about DeLorean?

Still, looking at this project it does have the most amount of names on it. Perhaps it will be the one to get made out of them all?



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