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Affleck reveals Pheonix film hoax

JoaquinPheonix.jpgFinally Casey Affleck has acknowledged that the documentary he made with Joaquin Phoenix called I'm Still Here, was and is a hoax. It's been a long time coming as both online and offline media have been speculating for some time that the film was just that.

It became evident this week when Pheonix was applying for other roles in new films, and the production company released the story that a fake Pheonix was travelling around trying to be him, a fake Pheonix that even had a publicity department.

I'm sure that didn't go quite to plan and the idea was that the ruse would continue all the way to release, however you have to consider the fact that no matter how well spun, this kind of thing marks an actor's career and takes him out of paid work for some time.

As we've seen the merest connection with the casting for another film and the whole idea that Joaquin Phoenix had left acting for good to become a Hip-Hop star was down the drain, and that was probably what ended the ruse.

However as I said in the feature article, the big problem here is that I don't see the general audience being caught up in this story at all, with the people really being taken by the ins and outs of it all just being the media, and mainly the online media at that. The reasoning? Well I would guess that the mainstream audience aren't that hooked into the career of Pheonix. Now if you'd done this with Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or even Robert Pattison then you'd be getting a much bigger response and involvement from the fans, that's for sure.

None of this is meant to dismiss Pheonix, I think he's a superb actor and I am really keen that he keeps rolling out performances, but then I'm not the mainstream audience.

Casey Affleck revealed the truth of I'm Still Here, finally, at the Venice Film Festival and The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

I wonder how much this hurts the documentary that they've made and if it can still stand on its own now that the truth is out? The real question is if mainstream audiences will be interested at all in it, hoax or not.



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