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Another alien invasion film

BobHoskins.jpgIt is fast becoming a new trend within Hollywood to make alien invasion films, but at least the studios are learning to leap on a bandwagon and add something to it, and that's what's happening with the latest invasion film called Transmission.

The film is set to star Bob Hoskins, Willem Dafoe, Jason Flemying and Talulah Riley and will see an alien invasion happening during an eclipse.

Giles Alderson is writing the script that Roger Christian is currently in talks to direct, the man who was the set director for the original Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Now that suddenly sounds rather interesting.

AITH, who have the story from Moviehole, describe Transmission as a "British Sci-Fi", whatever kind of genre that is but I presume it means that it's a British production, and that it's going to be in 3D, which they state "has officially crossed the big pond".

Well 3D has been here a long time, almost as long as it has been in America, but I'm guessing what they actually mean is that this is the first British 3D production, something I'm not entirely convinced I could say with all certainty. Is it the first? Will it be the first 3D British production to make it to the big screen?

There are currently two Gold Films, the production company behind Transmission, one is British and one is French, however I suspect it is indeed the British one that is making the film, although I can find nothing official about it as yet.

Then combining the talents of Bob Hoskins, Willem Dafoe, Jason Flemying are enticing indeed, however Giles Alderson has only two short comedies to his writing credit and Roger Christian directed Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 and Underworld, no not that one. I wonder how this could turn out?



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