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BioShock still talking about film

Bioshock.jpgWhen we heard that Gore Verbinski left the BioShock film because of escalating budget I didn’t think there was a chance we would see a BioShock film. Then we heard that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the director of 28 Weeks Later was to take over the reins under Verbinski’s tutelage.

Still, it seemed that they were having problems with the budget despite the change of director, and we’d heard no more about it, until now.

The last we heard from Gore Verbinski was that the film was struggling to get made with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo:

"We're really down the road with Juan Carlos and right now it's really a budget thing and how to keep the integrity and keep it a Hollywood movie because it could balloon. It's a lot. Our first budget was extraordinarily high and we're working on it..."

I never understood that statement though, “keep the integrity and keep it a Hollywood movie because it could balloon”. Firstly I didn’t think that there was a lot of integrity in Hollywood films, mainly just money and profit, and a Hollywood film ballooning in cost? Who would have believed it? So why is BioShock getting singled out as having too much budget? Have they seen the cost of some of the big Hollywood blockbusters?

Well there’s the small matter of the whole film being in an underwater kingdom set in a technologically advanced fifties world and just about every creature in the game requiring special effects.

However it doesn’t seem as though the film isn’t finished just yet as the designer of the game, Ken Levine, is saying through DC Radio 106.7, Kotaku and ShockTillYouDrop that the film is still in development.

"I will say that it is still an active thing," Levine tells DC radio station 106.7. "And it is something we are actively talking about and actively working on...I can't tell you whether — you know, the movie business is complicated — I can't tell you whether it's going to happen for sure or it's not going to happen for sure...But it's something we are actively discussing, quite actively, and actively working on."

He even talks about the changes that the game would have to make in order to make it to a film, and that’s something at least and shows that there’s definitely a desire to get it made for he’s talking about how the game is going to have to reveal the main character, Jack, he can’t stay behind the camera and the film become first person.

He also admits it’s going to be a huge challenge to get made, and he’s not kidding either. I wonder if it’ll ever get made despite what the developer hopes for, unless there’s a huge injection of cash and weight behind the film.



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