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Buried International trailer online

Buried.jpgThrillers are my favourite kind of film, they are the ones that most readily pull you in and affect you emotionally, they're the ones that get your heart pumping with the characters, have you backed into a corner and uncertain about what's going to happen next, and when they're done right you're caught up in the mystery of it all.

Buried seems to be doing that early on with the marketing and I'm pretty excited by that. Now there's a new trailer online that does it again and reveals a little more of the story and a little less of what is actually going on. Perfect.

In a time where trailers can give away far too much, here's a trailer that's managing to hook the audience in and still keep them away from what's going on.

Buried tells the story of a U.S. contractor working in Iraq whose convoy is ambushed, he's knocked unconscious and awakes buried alive in a wooden coffin. He's left with his mobile phone and a lighter, and a limited supply of oxygen. It seems he's being held to ransom.

Here's the latest trailer through The Sun which does look set to give Ryan Reynolds the opportunity for a career changing performance:



Saw this at Frightfest last weekend. Fantastic film. Powerful, with a great Reynolds performance. Highly recommended.

I do hope we get to see more of the actor in him rather than the superhero/comedy actor. He is such as a strong actor.


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