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Clooney gains cast for Farragut North

GeorgeClooney.jpgIn 2007 the news came in that George Clooney was perhaps involved in Farragut North, an adaptation of the stage play by Beau Willimon about his time working political campaigns for Howard Dean in 2004.

Now word comes that Clooney is set to direct the film and starting early next year, and with a pretty strong cast.

Back then we heard that George Clooney was perhaps going to star with Leonardo DiCaprio, although the speculation was very early on.

Since then Beau Willimon wrote the screenplay for the film from the play he wrote, also called Farragut North, that tells the story of his time working for Howard Dean during the 2004 presidential campaign and what he got up to during the campaign.

The latest story from New York Magazine says that the cast is set to include Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, and possibly Chris Pine. They also have some more of the story:

...the story is set in Des Moines, Iowa, just weeks before the state’s Democratic caucuses officially commence; it follows the exploits of a twentysomething presidential campaign spinmeister/wunderkind named Stephen Myers, and the dirty pool he plays to get his candidate the nomination against a rival senator.

They also reveal that while DiCaprio was once attached, he no longer is. He was set to play Myers but has since backed out, and “sources” tell the magazine that Chris Pine is set to be offered the role of lead, which is a surprising leap for him however he played the character on stage last year.

They also say that despite Brad Pitt wanting to play the role of Paul Zara, the box of Myer, his schedule’s not going to allow and that’s where Philip Seymour Hoffman comes in, he’s set to play the character. Paul Giamatti will play the campaign manager of the rival candidate, and Clooney is even considering taking the part of the candidate, a role that surprisingly doesn’t appear much in the story.

It also appears that Clooney is looking to Evan Rachel Wood to play a teenager member of staff for the campaign with whom Myers has a sexual relationship with and Marisa Tomei who will play the role of an investigating journalist.

The film doesn’t look like it’s going through a Hollywood studio, and perhaps no wonder considering politics are involved. The magazine say it will be seeking independent financing.

These days I get excited about a Clooney project that sees him producing or directing, for that usually means something honest and strongly performed.



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