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Dante and McKay predict Hollywood dry spell

Hollywood.jpgI would actually argue that the dry spell is upon Hollywood already and that the odd shower of refreshing quality and ingenuity is getting more and more obscure, but Joe Dante, most famous for Gremlins but currently known for The Hole 3D, has been speaking out about how Hollywood has changed and how it's much harder to get a film made.

Meanwhile Adam McKay, the writer and director of The Other Guys, as well as a few Hollywood comedies, has been speaking about how Hollywood is playing it safe and we're going to get more of the same.

It already sounds the way Hollywood is rather than the way it's going to be, but at least we get the odd film peeking through and raising its head above the water level.

Speaking while marketing his film The Hole 3D through BBC Newsbeat Joe Dante said:

"Sometimes you get as far as casting them, you get as far as finding locations and then all of a sudden the money dries up...

...The business has changed now. In the old days they would come to me and say, 'Do you want to direct this?' and if I said 'Yes', they already had the money and we'd make the movie...

...But now, they say, 'Oh great, we'll put your name on it and we'll go out and look for money.'"

He revealed that he has quite a number of films on his slate and none of them sound in a position to be made just yet.

"Well, you know if we can get this actor and this other actor and this tax break over here, then we can put all these elements together and make a movie...That's why you're not seeing as many movies made."

I'm so heartened though that Dante, a writer and director in Hollywood that I admire, thinks on such similar lines as I and so much of the audience do, and it isn't the case that everyone in the business is, well, in the business.

"There's a huge appetite right now at the studios for remaking pictures and doing TV shows and doing titles that people have already seen before. Even if they never saw the movie, it sort of sounds similar. I think that's kind of a cop out frankly.

I think they're just afraid of doing something that's risky and new."

I love that final comment, and it does describe the current Hollywood studio system. However let's not paint the whole of Hollywood with the same font here, there are still some very strong individual films coming out and we are even seeing some remakes coming through that are as good as the originals. However rare they may be.

Playing it safe perhaps, but there are some good to great films coming out, even despite all this.

The article then picks up on some comments from Adam McKay, who you might actually think would be happy for Hollywood to play it safe and stick to the same thing, but even he thinks that The Other Guys might not get made today, even this short time after he got the funding for it.

"You're going to be seeing more genre films, there are going to be more horror films, there's going to be more action movies...There's going to be more old name Hollywood stars that they know they can sell overseas."

So that's the way the market's going from the inside view, even projects like The Other Guys could be in doubt and that's one project that I thought would be right up the studio's street. It sounds like even the mainstream projects are struggling and the question is how far is it going to go? Imagine a Hollywood that wouldn't greenlight something like Gremlins?



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